2022 Year In Review

It’s the time of year to look back, reflect, and highlight some interesting pieces you might have missed.

By The Numbers

I set a personal goal of publishing every week, or at least 50 articles for 2022.
All told, I published 32 articles – 64% of my goal.

I may not have hit my goal, but I’m very proud of the pieces I did write!

Top 3 Articles From 2022

These were the most popular articles that I wrote in 2022:

  1. My series of articles on SaaS Tenancy Models
  2. The Opposite Of Iterative Delivery
  3. The Chestburster Anti-Pattern

Top 3 Articles In 2022

These were the three most popular articles in 2022 that I wrote in past years:

  1. Links VS Tags, A Rabbit Hole
  2. The 5 Ws For Developers
  3. Your Database is Not A Queue

Two Published Articles

I became a published author this year, with 2 pieces on leaddev.com

  1. The Dangers Of Pulling Rank as a Staff Engineer
  2. How to Break the “Get Me Everything Cycle”

Goals For 2023

I’m going to spend more time writing in 2023. My goal is to publish 100 pieces, approximately 2 per week.

Happy Holidays and I’ll be back in the new year!

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