Smile And Dial CRM – Part 4 – As If By Magic

SmileAndDial CRM was built around the concept that people are nothing but a number.  Phone numbers were a fundamental constraint in the software; it was impossible to have a contact that didn’t have a number. 
With the introduction of TheeSeeShipping and months of Invisible Shipping SmileAndDial has been able to free themselves of this incremental constraint.  Through many iterative releases the company has slowly been transforming itself.  

The data model has gone from using Phone as a key in all tables.

To a normalized model with foreign keys that don’t carry extra meaning.

Changes were small.  They were low risk and had no customer impact.  There was little work in flight, and occasional priority shifts didn’t result in code rot.  Their slow accumulation removed a fundamental constraint that was built into the company’s founding principles.

Happy Ending?

SmileAndDial CRM is still the go to CRM for boiler rooms, pump and dumps, extended car warranties, and other outbound call center activities.

Now, as if by magic, they are also ready to help their customers expand and spam prospects with ads for bitcoin, blockchain technologies, and of course, male enhancement pills.

Thankfully this is a fable and we can pretend that this is a happy ending!

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