Tenancy Model Roundup

Over the past few months I have been ruminating on SaaS Tenancy Models and how they drive architectural decisions.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the series as I’ve scratched my itch.

Here is a roundup of the 7 articles In case you missed any of the parts, or need a handy index to what I’m sure is the most in depth discussion of SaaS Tenancy Models ever written.

Part 1 – An introduction to SaaS Tenancy Models

Part 2 – An addendum to the introduction

Part 3 – How growth and scale drive tenancy model changes

Part 4 – Regaining Effective Single Tenancy through Cell Isolation

Part 5 – Why your job service should be Multi-Tenant even if your model is Single Tenant

Part 6 – Whose data is it anyway, why you need to separate your SaaS’s data from your clients

Part 7 – 3 Signs your resource allocation model is working against you

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